Monday, September 04, 2006

Fake rabbi scams Christians

A con man pretending to be a rabbi pulled the lambskin over the eyes of a fake rabbi conned a churchfull of Christians in Oregon. Masquerading as a Jewish leader from Milkwaukee, "Ari Crockett," whose real name is Timothy Wilton Ehrmantrout, didn't fight in the invasions of Panama or Grenada. And he really didn't lose a leg to a terrorist bomb, but in a motorcycle accident.

Ehrmentrout tried to steal $7,000 from the church, which eventually led to the congregants discovering his true past, which included not only a stint in a Federal prison, but time on the lam after a prison break. He had boasted of having been a college professor, a computer scientist, an international lawyer, and of being friends with Steven Spielberg and Bill Gates.

Not all the congregants have abandoned the good rabbi. Over 80 members still attend his services at Beth El church in Milwaukee. Beth El is affiliated with the Church of God.

"Who you were yesterday is not what God cares about," said Ann Seregow, a Beth El spokeswoman. "It's what you do right now that matters."

Crockett responded to recent inquiries from the press with a statement.

"Even since the earliest days of our ministry we have never hidden the fact that I had been a convicted criminal, in fact we promote it," Crockett wrote.

"Beth El is a place of second chances for all who have been damaged by bad choices in life. God has given me a second chance, and I wish to dedicate my life to living that out that chance and not just talking about it."

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Anonymous said...

check out the Ari Crockett blog site on for more info. Ari Crockett also have an article written about him in the Oregonian describing his conman ways.Ari Crockett changes his identity at will, has had 7 or 8 wives. The current scam of Ari Crockett is to claim that he was raised in a Jewish Household but converted to Christianity after a prison stint. Ari Crockett is an abusive pastor who has told so many lies to so many people that he cannot keep track.

One in Messiah said...

Ari Crockett has been running scams for many years. This time Ari Crockett and his wife Christine are using the name of Jesus to scam their victims. Ari Crockett and Christine are renting a dance studio at 3016 NE Killingsworth in Portland Oregon. They are going to use the African American community now to get more tithes. Ari Crockett and Christine have had this planned for a while, they talked to people about it at their old church. Wake up people, Ari Crockett and Christine have recently been kicked out of the Churches of God General Conference and are no longer affiliated with them. After a private investigator turned in a report about Ari Crockett, they dumped him like a hot potato. Ari Crockett and Christine are fakes who are duping good people who love God. They have to be stopped. God will not be mocked Ari Crockett and Christine!

Anonymous said...

please email any documentation you have to, if possible in pdf format.

Anonymous said...

Hi... read what you said and I have read the article on the web from the Oregonian... I know that he must have done some things... but what I am wondering is where the documentation is? I have lived a long time and have known that anyone can say anything anywhere... Just to face value what you say would be heinous on my part... Drinking cups of bitterness is not my cup of tea... the burden of proof is not with Mr. Crockett, But with you... Line up your documentation... Give us places to look at legal documenting your findings... Just don't create a blog about this with no proof... you would tend to be known as something that is located by a fireplace...

have a great day...

My life is not bent on trashing Christians...

And you know... If Jesus was here... you would do it to him...

Anonymous said...

Just so everyone knows..if you want proof, google the man, that is all I have to does wonders!

Anonymous said...

the burden of proof is on conman Ari Crockett and if you go to you will see actual documents showing Ari Crockett the bigamist in action. Ari Crockett's current scam is - northwest new life center CULT in Portland, OR. NNLC is a CULT plain and simple, there are already cases of parents not being able to talk to their children.

Anonymous said...

Ari Crockett's latest move is to try and scare ex members with a lawsuit. Ari Crockett tried to sue his own family in 98 because they won't support the lies that Ari Crockett tells. Ari Crockett's attorneys keep dropping him and many current members are leaving because they realize that is a cult. The website has helped a lot of people realize the truth about con man Dallas Ari Crockett.

Anonymous said...

checked out and you can hear "Rabbi Ari Crockett" in his own voice saying that he was professor at Portland State University and that he had a Grandfather who was the head Rabbi for the New York City area. If these claims are true, then Rabbi Ari Crockett deserves an apology. If Rabbi Ari Crockett is lying, then Ari Crockett is running another con and should be stopped cold in his tracks. Ari Crockett's website is Ask Rabbi Crockett for yourself.

Anonymous said...

so this Dallas Crockett guy claims to be Jewish but was busted when some of his church members checked out his past? Was it for money? Why bother with the fake past?

Anonymous said...

Dallas Ari Crockett is a conman and a liar. He no longer is called Rabbi or Pastor because even a professional LIAR like him can't disprove paper evidence nor produce any sort of covering by a legitimate Church Body. Now the Cult Leader is calling himself a "teacher" (guess he has stopped lying about being a professor at Portland State University). The latest victims are falling for his FAKE "teachings" on Judaism. Dallas Ari Crockett has finally come out and revealed his true feelings, that there is NO HOLY SPIRIT and will finally not be able to hide the fact that he NEVER KNEW JESUS CHRIST in the first place.

This is the anti-christ spirit at work. A man who hurts his own family and lives out a life of complete lies.

Anonymous said...

Fake Rabbi Ari Crockett has left Portland and is headed towards Los Angeles, California. Some Church in LA may of hired him without knowing about his scams. Be on alert Los Angeles for D. Ari Crockett, who was fired by the Churches of God General Conference, but still receives a reference from his former boss Charles Hirschy, who was removed from his position in Church planting due to the Ari Crockett scandal.

Anonymous said...

He is in Chino Hills or Upland...southern ca...and yes he is gonna do it again!

He has Ryan, Saran, Shawn, Travis and others still hanging on!

Media-this man is a con man!!!! Follow this story...he is court ordered to not even be on a computer!

Anonymous said...

Ari Crockett

D Ari Crockett

life of con, branwashes, cultic, cuts off families, takes money, has no jewish roots, is fake...took investors for over 200,000!

be aware-get away from him...he is good, but God is better!

Scam number nine---Southern Ca and the African american!

Anonymous said...

Fake Rabbi Ari Crockett has a new name "Rabbi Eliyahu Aaronson".

a yahoo group has Ari Crockett - Eliyahu Aaronson new group called the "Union of Derek". Ari Crockett is running his new scam in Southern California and is even attempting to start a "Rabbi College" with requirements that Ari Crockett cannot meet himself (of course). You can call this Fake Rabbi at 1-888-649-6654

Anonymous said...

word has it that the local religious community in Temeculah, CA is on to Ari Crockett and whatever his new name is "Eliyahu Aaronson" etc. Ari Crockett is trying to make up his own version of Judaism, called Derek Judasism and has been trying to recruit new members on craigslist and also had a failed posting on wikipedia or the Rabbi College --- unlike Ari Crockett's internet "degree", he wants to charge his "students" as much as possible.

Anonymous said...

i used to got to the congregation. And i felt that it was home to me and my family. But after a few months there Mr.Crockett was tryin to run us out of the congregation. He knows he will be punished by God. but thats not my decisison its Gods. I forgave this man and i hope every single person that cant forgive sees that its not right to be a hater Jesus even says himself that Forgive Forgive Foorgive and keep forgiving.

Anonymous said...

I see several articals referring to this guy as "Mr. Crockett" "Ari Crocket". He was given the name of Timothy Wilton Ehrmantrout at birth, and has changed his name several times throughout the last 23 years. He is more crooked than a snake, and I urge you to run in the opposite direction if he comes your way. I hope he checks your site often. He is and always has been a crook. He will rot for using religion like he has. He has severely damaged several children, including his own by his actions. as far as documentation? check the internet!! type in timothy ehrmantrout or ari crockett...see what falls out!! the documentations are THERE!! Dont be BLIND to this CREEP! I was related to him for a few years, he can be violent as well as crooked!

Anonymous said...

Fugitive felons can't run or hide from the Star

Deputy marshals continue their fugitive-hunting prowess in districts all throughout the nation as felon after felon succumbs to star power - Marshals' Star power.

Free no more

On line but in cuffs

International fugitive Timothy Ehrmantrout and his wife were arrested in an Internet coffeehouse by members of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police in Vancouver, British Columbia, after being trailed to Mexico, Scotland, England and then Canada by Service deputies.

"This was a paperwork nightmare," said Oregon Deputy Dave Brown.

Ehrmantrout played the lead role in a financial scam in which he impersonated an attorney. He was placed on a 5-year term of supervised release but his release was revoked when he was caught masterminding another scam. This time, he was sent to a federal prison camp in Sheridan, Ore. - until his wife helped him escape.

The law caught up with the Ehrmantrouts when the couple entered the coffeehouse to use the Internet to keep in touch with friends and family. Although no deputies were present for the arrest, Brown said it was the work of Montana Deputy Peggy Louis that led to the capture.

"She did the lion's share of the investigation," Brown said. "She got the wife's family members to cooperate and that eventually led to the Mounties nabbing the two fugitives."
need more proof?

Anonymous said...

Ari Crockett's group has melted down. He has two people left from a year ago, everyone else has left, the original group and the different groups of people that have followed. Ari Crockett still gets money from some of his Oregon crew (had a widow refinance her home) but the group is floundering in Temeculah, CA - since the truth about the Ari Crockett cons is out on the internet, it makes it tough for him to run his scam. The Union of Derek school is a flop, basically Ari Crockett and Chuck Hirschy creating fantasy language for wikipedia. Ari Crockett does not meet his own requirements for the school, Ari Crockett has no degree, Ari Crockett has no credentials, Ari Crockett was fired by the Churchs of God General Conference after the CGGC hired a private investigator and the CGGC PROVED that Ari Crockett lied to them on his resume, an lied to them about the numbers of times he had been married (he claimed "twice", it more like 7 or 8 marriages). Chuck Hirschy was forced to "retire" by the Churches of God General Conference and no one can figure out why he would stick his neck out for Ari Crockett, must be some money involved somewhere.

Anonymous said...

Ari Crockett and crew are not hard at work attempting to rip people off in real estate deals in San Diego and Temecula, CA. Richard C. Davis (a tv real estate guy) just made them shut down because the Ariel Properties Group STOLE his website lock stock and barrel.

Zack said...

If anyone has info for me, I'm well settled here at basecamp. I have some info, but if you can help me locate the sheep that were carried off by this wolf down here, I would like to get to them first. is where all email's addressing me should go here

Christin Alexander said...

I have to say people, I am "Ari Crockett's" daughter. I am damn near 21 years old, and I have known about his lies and schemes for over 13 years. My mom was married to him for nine and a half years. If you are all true believers blogging on this site, please, oh God please just pray for him. If you are all in fact true believers, Then you all know that you are noone's judge or jury. VENGENCE IS MINE SAYS THE LORD! not yours. Not mine ( as badly as I want it to be, it still isnt.) You all act as though you are the ones getting the raw end of the deal in are not. You have been duped out of money and time yes, but I knew nothing of myself and fell for the Jewish lie. He beat me, my brothers, my mom. He terrified me. Even after I was married, he beat me with a 2x4 in his house in Gresham. I was a successful college student, and I was married. DO NOT ACT LIKE YOU ALL ARE THE ONLY VICTIMS OUT THERE. PLEASE DO NOT FORGET ABOUT HIS CHILDREN AND NOW GRANDCHILDREN THAT HAVE HIS BLOOD RUNNING THROUGH THEIR VEINS!
And as for Christine, as badly as she wants to be my mom, she never could, and never would fill my mother's shoes. She deserves to be in jail right next to him.
PS--- Not to mention they stole over 1400.00 from MY BANK ACCOUNT for a student loan I got deposited into my accout....and now it is on my credit report and I am only about that. You guys really arent the only ones are you??

Victory said...

Christin we spoke a year ago. I do know your pain. My life has been so damaged by your dad.

Just wanted you to know I care and you are in my heart in a special way

Peace to you, your husband and children, may God speed the healing to one being abused by Fake Rabbi Ari Crockett and may you and this special person be able to speak one day in a beautifull new life ahead with no pain inflicted by Ari and Christine and now Shaun Sailor

Go be happy Hon and if you can help pay it forward, set them free!

The main blog is Ohio Church Fires Ari Crockett, many many are still trying to stop him from hurting others.

Christopher Brandon is now being used as he pirated Ari's web site

Chris has a blog site too

Maybe we will chat soon when your dad is arrested, if not we pray for you Hon, please pray for the lost under his spell!

God Bless...

Victory said...

Let the whole world know that there is a large group of people from all over the USA that will never give up until all the people are free from the grasp of the Crockett's. That includes Ryan in California and those in Oregon too. There are people in Indianapolis who are talking now too! They are giving good information to help stop the lies and deceit. Your gig is going to be over soon Dallas, Christine and Shaun. If you three want to go to Mexico and start something there, go for it, but leave the people here alone. You seemed to bite off a little more than you can chew this time, thank YHVH for His retribution on those who use His name to deceive others. YHVH will dole out His own type of punishment and it is eternal.

YHVH is putting together a team that is working together in His name! Praise be to Him for all He does for those He loves!

Just like Moses said to Pharoah...let my people go. Let them go before YHVH comes for your soul to answer for what you've all done in His name.

Victory said...

Dallas on Blog, Ohio churh Fires Ari Crockett

Hiding no more
Los Angeles, CA Reply »
|Flag |#65 30 min ago
Ut Oh--The subpoena has been sent to Topix and has been filed in the Oregon Lawsuit--and every one of you will be identified ......Ha ha.....

Victory said...

Hiding no more wrote:
Ut Oh--The subpoena has been sent to Topix and has been filed in the Oregon Lawsuit--and every one of you will be identified ......Ha ha.....
"Nice try Crockett, but we as well as all the others who have dedicated their life to getting the truth out about you are not involved in your stupid no back up law suit! So, go ahead and get all the subpeonas you want buddy, it isn't going to help you. You can't sue people for telling the truth! It's called Freedom of Speech!"

Topix is not being sued, you liar! Have you seen the blogs on gays, minorities and even President Bush? You think you are special or something??? What a idiot! We all who dont even know each other but have been hurt by you even your own daughter and family members who you stole their loved one away, we can share facts, documents and all the stories we wish and you are the one feeding this fire as you continue to lie, steal and hurt people!

You are a no-body, peice of crap, a low life white collar criminal, and everyone knows it!

You have nothing and your act is fadeing as fast as your marriage and your money tree! Soon you will not even be free to try to rip-off folks! And your new girlfriend will see right through your bald as! Lets face it, your getting old and your charm is jaded with so much of a past you cant hide, threat or manipulate all the negatiave press that is coming out of every corner of your past, present and future! You were warned to let them go and stop or flee the country, you asked for it and here it is!
Oh and if it was the comments about your lovely wife that someone said that made you mad enough to post threats, guess what buddy? That is all YOUR doing!! So when you get angry, get angry at how stupid you were to attempt being a famous know it all realtor like MR Davis on TV! Ha hahahahahah, the laughs on you as the real esate folks are all having a beer on your joke of a as!

How long do you have before they show up with a search warrent? Or they shut down your fake website? You must be delusional to think that Ariel will grow to produce easy flowing cash for you and Christine, no way now how, your well has dried up!

Oh and like the other posts from others, we to will not stop informing and warning about you and we will see to it the cult members are free, during our lifetime they will walk away and when that happens your done!

You my man have no idea who we are. I thought you were a exagerated thief at best, and now you have opened up a whole pandoras box that we can't wait to share!

Any more wifes you can think of that might be scorned? Remember the good old days of you and your abuse? For years we were quiet tell we heard of your abuse with that young man, and now you do not scare us any longer and we are talking to everyone who calls!

There will be a story on you all-mark my words on this post-soon your name will be notorious for being the most stupid con man in the history of fraud!

Good bye Tim, sorry it had to end this way! Does Christine or Sarah your slave know about the realtor lady???

Victory said...

Timothy W Erhmantrout
Join the community
AOL 1 min ago
Tim I know what happend to your leg I was with you when you were in pain I also know what you did a long time ago to a gal do you know that the cops have called her and they know your real estate deal is a bad deal
my advise to you is to cut off all ties with everyone there who is talking from the inside and sending paperwork on you and your deals now and to shut down that real estate thing and move and shut your mouth or your going to end up back in the joint you are a bad seed Timothy Wilton Erhmantrout

Anonymous said... Minister of Deceit

can see ari he ran from portland soon after this news story is his new scam in San Diego california full of lies even another lie on how he lost his leg

he ripped off mr davis of trademark properties on the tv show Flip that House and the Real Estate Pros

read richards post after a tip off

the real estate company is fake and no names are on it but a kid who pirated the website off of richard's

soon he will be on the big tv, not just local but main line news

Anonymous said...

Tim Ehrmantrout Timothy Ehrmantrout Ari Crockett Eliyahu Aaronson and many other names

Here again is a repost from "Ari's" brother Mike. Mike Ehrmantrout ISP location: Boise, ID Reply »Flag for Review 8 hrs ago I am Tim Ehrmantrout's (AKA Ari Crockett's) blood brother.

I have remained silent because you all have done such a great job exposing my brother's horrible constant lies. But my brother went over the line with me personally by slandering his own mother publically on this blog, and by talking about me on this blog. Therefore, I am compelled to answer.And so much has been said I only have a couple of things to say:1) I was raised in the same home as Tim Ehrmantrout/Ari Crockett, in Spokane, WA. We were not then, nor are we now Jewish, either by blood or by culture. I was not; he was not.2) My brother has no case against anybody for slander or libel because I personally am willing to submit to DNA testing which will prove conclusively that neither I nor he is Jewish. He and I are full blood brothers; we have the same biological mother and father.3) I have something to say about Mrs. Judy Campbell. She did the best she could with what she had. She is a beautiful person and has helped many people throughout the years in many different ways. She raised me and Tim and our sister as a single mom and yes, she struggled..but she made it.She is a great person and a great mom and I am proud to be called her son.She has tried over and over and over to help Tim. But the one thing she would never do for Tim was to lie for him. This is why Tim despises her so much. Whenever people would come (as they always do) to her and ask her the truth about Tim, she would tell them, which has made his fraud so much more difficult to maintain.To conclude: I am not afraid to post this under my own name because I have nothing to hide. I challenge Tim/Ari to submit to DNA testing WITH me at a mutually agreeable DNA laboratory that will prove once and for all who is lying. I'll bet money he will never do it..but the challenge will stand.You should have never gone after mom..don't do it again!

Anonymous said...

Wrong Again
Join the community
AOL 1 min ago
New Website
Los Angeles, CA Reply »
|Flag |#118 11 hrs ago

Anonymous said...

Keep sending in your big bucks to the poor Rabbi!

Heard of this man and his show who took over Richard Davis of Trademark who they first tried to rip off of?

Dear Armando

We purchased the Ebook–then the Masters Series at 997.00 and we are off and running–with this awesome system!! We are in beautiful southern California and wanted to know if we can make contact with you personally?

The SoCal market–you know all too well–is an expensive market–but one that home runs are just waiting to be flipped!

Please give us further direction on how to make contact with you. Many blessings!!

Ariel E

Temecula/San Diego, California

August 31, 2007

Dear Armando

We signed papers on our Tuscan –that we purchased the “Montelongo Way”—40 cents on the dollar!!!!! Attached are a couple of photos of the property!! Thanks again for everything. As I said before—we purchased it for $960,000 and its current worth is 1.39 million—and we will upgrade it by 400K and resell this puppy for 2.4-to 2.6 million—with our tentative plan to hold…a silent auction for the finished project…!”

Got to love that Montelongo System….works every time!!

Sarah and Ariel E.

Did you tell him about your system Mr and Mrs E? The Flipping Rabbi One?

Lyndie said...

hate crimes website
Billings, MT Reply »

Timmy, you are SO full of shit! I see you saying "poor me, my poor family" but I don't see you giving us ANY proof against what's been said against you. You twist and turn things around to benefit you, but in the end, you are still just a con man with a game that is fast coming to an end... a sight you should be well aware of as it has happened SO many times.

A hate crime? This is NOT because you claim to be, or are, a practicing Jew that people hate you. They hate you for the crimes you have committed against humanity. Against women and children, against young and old, against mothers, fathers, grandparents. Even your OWN parents for crying out loud!

You want people to stop all this? Then YOU stop. Live your OWN life, and quit involving the world in your stupid B.S. Crawl back under the rock you came out from under, stop pretending to be something you are NOT, stop lying, stealing - yeah you know the 10 commandments? Try living by them for a change instead of just preaching them at people. Do as I say, not as I do?.... It just doesn't work.

Topix is providing a service. In the same way you could start a blog with PROOF but hey, that would be asking TOO much. I think places like Topix NEED to be around.. and if this blog gets cut again, you can bet your booty I will be putting up my OWN website. Yeah, remember, you said I was a good Website Designer, perhaps you should have shown your new little friend a few more tricks (like not stealing others peoples work).

Yeah... you know me...

Anonymous said...

Counseling helped her escape cult’s cruel grip
Your campaign gift at work
By Amy R. Kaufman

Rabbi Ari Crockett, the former leader of Beth El Congregation in Milwaukie, was exposed as a “minister of deceit” by Portland’s NewsChannel 8 on March 21, 2007, following the Oregonian’s investigative story on July 30, 2006.

Sarah Bourne told the Jewish Review she had been seeking a way back to the Judaism of her maternal grandmother when she met Crockett and his wife. There was no synagogue in Tillamook, and a friend had invited her to “hear the new rabbi” at Beth El Congregation during the High Holidays, she said.

Bourne’s attempted return to her faith was a descent into hell. She said she fell under the control of the Crocketts, and it was not until she underwent counseling at Jewish Family and Child Service that she realized what had happened to her.

“They helped me see it was a cult,” she said.

Bourne said she suffers from obsessive-compulsive disorder, which she believes made her vulnerable to brainwashing.

“Something has to be done to stop these people from hurting those of us who have disabilities,” she said. “They prey on the weak so they don’t have to work as much.”

While she slept on the couch in the Crocketts’ home, she said, “they took almost all my money for rent and food and still made me clean the house. They told me what I could eat and what I couldn’t eat. I was thin and always shaking. They wouldn’t let me braid my hair because they told me it made me look sickly. … They said it was because they loved me and it was a form of loving correction.”

Bourne said the Crocketts forbade her to contact her family or talk to anyone “from the outside.”

Finally, she said, after a rabbi who had learned of her trouble called the police, Crockett and his wife ordered her to pack her bags and left her at the bus stop bound for Portland at 1:30 a.m.

Bourne said she is grateful to Rabbi Michael Cahana of Congregation Beth Israel for recommending a Jewish agency that could help her.

“He was open, warm, protective, loving. He got me help right away. He got me into JFCS,” said Bourne, who attends Friday night services and works with the sisterhood at CBI.

JFCS is a non-sectarian, private, non-profit social service organization that “provides services to the most vulnerable, disenfranchised and at-risk populations, older adults, people with disabilities, and those seeking assistance with mental health issues and life transitions,” according to its mission statement.

JFCS, which received $331,680 from the Jewish Federation of Greater Portland for the 2007-08 fiscal year, offers services including emergency assistance; case management; individual, child, couple and family counseling; community education and advocacy programs, and Holocaust survivor and immigrant services.

Bourne said Barbara Kollmar, LCSW, clinical director of JFCS, “has helped lift a huge burden from me.”

“Barbara believes in me,” she said. “It’s always very positive. I think there’s nowhere to turn for people who are in cults. … I want to do something to stop cults.”

Bourne said she has been seeing counselors at JFCS every week for four months. OCD impedes her ability to work and focus, she said, “but in the last three weeks I have improved.”

Meanwhile, JFCS counselors have helped her buy new clothes and shoes. She said she is currently living with friends, but JFCS is helping her to find her own apartment.

“They also help me with case management and filling out papers,” she said. “They are always saying, ‘Call any time.’”

Bourne has started her own business, making hand-pieced “Torah quilts” embroidered with Hebrew words and symbols “so that people can wrap themselves in Torah or hang the quilt on the wall so they can have it all around them.”

She said she will exhibit her work at Hadassah’s Hanukkah Fair Nov. 18 at Congregation Neveh Shalom.

Bourne said she now hopes “to be able to forget what happened.”

“Maybe someday I could help people in the same situation,” she said. “Let them know they’re not alone, that they can get out, that people will believe them, give them a lifeline. There’s a future.”

The Jewish Review Local

Anonymous said...

Crockett has made a few mistakes of late.

He listed real property with his and wifes name on the docs in Ca.

Sailor can now be liable. Thanks to your good buddy Tim.

Class Action??

A Federal Judge will not be fooled by Tim.

Tim is fueling his own illegal demise into main stream media.

Called the local paper?

You blew it Tim!

Anonymous said...

so now Ari Crockett changes his name yet again to Ariel Ehrmantrout - and is now a house flipper in San Diego? Is this guy for real?

Anonymous said...

Trial delayed in former pastor's defamation suit
Posted by The Oregonian December 12, 2007 16:11PM
The former leader of a Clackamas County church will have to wait a little longer to get his day in court.

Dallas A. Crockett reached a settlement agreement Wednesday with two of three former members of Beth El Congregation. They had been scheduled to go to trial this week in Clackamas County Circuit Court on allegations of defamation, emotional distress, civil racketeering and interfering with his business.

The terms of the agreement among Crockett, Pamela Miles and Michael Phelan were not available. The third defendant, Tammy Ovalle, Crockett's most outspoken critic, rejected a settlement. The trial was reset for March 4.

Ovalle, Miles and Phelan went public with information about Crockett's criminal past and allegations regarding his handling of church funds and other matters. Crockett claimed they spread falsehoods that ultimately destroyed his church and his livelihood.

- Steve Mayes:

Tim has sued his step father Brian in the second suit in Nevada and his mother Judy is not well

Anonymous said...

Court In Portland
AOL Reply »
|Report Abuse |#748 Thursday
Ex-church leader takes claim of defamation to trial today
Felon - Dallas A. Crockett, who served time for fraud, says smears got him fired Tuesday, December 11, 2007STEVE MAYES The Oregonian Staff
OREGON CITY -- A banished church leader will attempt to convince a Clackamas County jury that bitter former parishioners spread falsehoods that ultimately destroyed his church and his livelihood.
The trial, scheduled to begin today, pits Dallas A. Crockett, a man who went to federal prison twice for defrauding businesses and investors, against a small band of vocal church members who dug into Crockett's past.
The defendants -- Tammy Ovalle, Pamela Miles and Michael Phelan -- went public with their findings, which resulted in investigations by the Clackamas County Sheriff's Office and the state Department of Justice. Crockett is suing the three for defamation, emotional distress, civil racketeering and interfering with his business.
The Oregonian reported on Crockett's life as a former fugitive and detailed his long history of deceit and fabrication -- including passing himself off as a budding cowboy singer, an international lawyer and a computer genius -- in July 2006. Two months later, the Ohio-based Churches of God General Conference revoked Crockett's church credentials and terminated his contract.
The church paid Crockett $6,870 a month to operate Beth El Congregation, which Crockett founded in 2003.
Top church officials looked into the charges against Crockett and concluded that he had lied to them about his personal life.
Crockett said he lost his job as a church leader, paid speaking engagements and income from the sale of religious merchandise because of an alleged smear campaign orchestrated by Ovalle, Miles and Phelan.
Crockett claims that he was hounded by the defendants, who contacted his landlords, a creditor and a Christian radio station that sold him airtime for a religious program. The defendants said they simply told the truth about Crockett in an effort to alert the public.
They contend they were exercising their free speech rights and argue that Crockett's own misdeeds caused his church's collapse.
Crockett, who called himself a rabbi and claimed to have a Jewish heritage, preached a version of Christianity that viewed the faith from a Hebrew perspective.
That's what attracted Ovalle, Miles and Phelan.
Ovalle and other congregants said Crockett told them he was grandson of a highly respected New York rabbi, a former Army Ranger and a sociology professor -- none of which was true.
Crockett was sentenced to federal prison in 1997 for a scam in which he pretended to be a lawyer and defrauded businesses in Helena, Mont.
His parole was revoked in 1998 after Crockett, claiming to be a computer scientist who found a way to speed up the Internet, persuaded Spokane-area investors to pour more than $200,000 into the bogus venture.
Steve Mayes: 5032945916;
the saga continues
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|Report Abuse |#749 Thursday
The Oregonian Newspaper reported that Tammy Ovalle was the only one who refused to sign a settlement agreement with the Crocketts. Thank you for your willingness to forge on. We are 100% behind you in our prayers. Remember God is running the show.
Mike Ehrmantrout
Spokane, WA Reply »
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I want you to know that our mom is dying. She's had several strokes recently and is in need of constant care. Want to know who is caring for her 24 hours a day? Brian Campbell, her husband, the one you have named in a lawsuit.

Mom has been in the hospital many times recently. The last time, she weighed 65 lbs. The doctors had to insert a permanent feeding tube into her stomach in order for her to get enough nutrients to live.

As you well know, a lawsuit takes a lot of time and money to deal with, neither of which Brian has. Don't you realize that by suing Brian, you are effectively suing your dying, disabled mother as well?

By suing Brian, you are taking away precious time from our mother, not to mention adding huge stress to an already VERY stressful situation.

Tim, I respectfully ask you as your brother to drop the suit against Brian. Regardless of how you feel he has wronged you, now is not the time for revenge. Let it go.

I am willing to communicate with you via e-mail if you would like to discuss this. I'm asking this for me.

Your Younger Brother,

Anonymous said...

so Ariel Ehrmantrout Ari Crockett Timothy Wilton Ehrmantrout Eliyahu Aaronson Taron James and a host of other names, just dropped all his weak court cases because is he had not chance to win and is now out of money. Ariel Ehrmantrout also seems to have abandoned his short stint as a San Diego California area house flipper and is now "laying low" for a few months, good luck with that because as soon as you try a new scam there will be 50 or so people ready to tell the truth about you and expose your lies

Anonymous said...

Ariel Ehrmantrout is now Ariel Ehrmantrout Ministries and Ariel Ehrmantrout Messianic Pastor of all things

The Henry Family said...

My family has been meeting with Rabbi Ariel Ehrmantrout for the past 8 months, and we just have not known him or his wife to be the people you all write about.
The one thing I have noticed about these comments aside from all the stone throwing you all have in common is "Anonymous".
Why? Why do cowards always hide behind "anonymous"?
Are you so ashamed that out of the abundance of your hearts your mouths speak and is revealing the darkness in your own hearts that you have to hide behind anonymous?
Even anonymous doesn't hide from God. He sees and hears.
None of you realize that you are revealing to everyone except yourselves how much in darkness you are.
In other words, opps, you're the last to know.
Amazing! Absolutely amazing!
What would you all think of the Apostle Paul today? How about King David, Moses, Jacob, etc.? They all were murderes except for Jacob. He was a deceiver, a con artist. And God changed his name to Israel.
You all would probably STONE them to death too. all think you're doing everyone a big favor.
Do any of you actually READ your bible? Because IF you did, you would KNOW that JESUS said not to judge or you would be judged. AND... you will be judged in the same way in which you judge.
He also said to forgive. Oh! Now there's a concept! He also said, IF you love me, you will OBEY Me. Again, another startling concept!
Come on folks, this is pre-K stuff.
It's obvious none of you read your bibles. Or maybe you do, you just missed those particular scriptures.
I can only ask a retorical question: Or rather quote our sinless Rabbi,Jesus; You who are without sin, cast the first stone.
Now what are you going to do?
Drop your stones and walk away like ALL those men did when they wanted to stone the adultress?
They had enough sense to drop their stones. Do any of you?
I really don't think we need to wonder why we can't win the world to our Lord Jesus. You know, the ONE who loves us? But we do,we wonder why we can't effectively communicate to the lost that Jesus "loves" them.
Oh yeah, Come serve our Jesus. Just don't screw up after you become a Christian because if you do, we'll stone you to death!!!
Jesus will love you, but we won't.
Amazing. (sighhhhhhhhhhh)

Here is an idea that I am submitting as a suggestion;
If you want proof if a man or womans heart has changed, why not ask God?
Get your "warnings" and/or "proof" from a reliable source. I've never known GOD to fail. Only people throw stones, not God.

Anonymous said...

so now Ariel Ehrmantrout is assuming yet another fake identity "the Henry family" (who just happen to have the same writing style as Ehrmantrout)as is trying to hide behind "others casting judgement" upon him. There is no judgement to cast, just the simple fact that a very LARGE group of people are going to point out the continuing LIES of Ariel Ehrmantrout, a man who has NEVER made restitution to ANY of the past victims of his CULT. - plenty of documents that "Judge him" to be an unrepented, unsaved, conman.

Anonymous said...

read the rest of the passage "Henry Family-Ariel Ehrmantrout group"

"now go and sin NO MORE" - that's the part you seemed to of missed. No one else making fake claims about themselves and running cults - GO AND SIN NO MORE Ariel Ehrmantrout.

Anonymous said...

nice to see this blog still up! Ariel Ehrmantrout has threatened to sue Topix and managed to get those blogs taken down!

go wo to see the truth about this person.

He continues to do his dirty work in California along with his wife and Chuck Hirschy who used to be with Churches of God General Conference who hired Ariel Ehrmantrout in Oregon.

Once a scammer always a scammer

Anonymous said...

Ariel Ehrmantrout and Sarah Ehrmantrout have moved their scam to California I see. We knew him in Spokane when he scammed investors out of over 200,000. How do people like Ariel Ehrmantrout fly under the radar so easily? I know he did time in the pen for the scam but then got out early by ratting out another prisoner.

Please keep this post going.

Anonymous said...

Ariel Ehrmantrout continues his conman ways, how sad.

Here is a sad but true story from a Jewish Newspaper about how Ariel Ehrmantrout abused a young Jewish girl that somehow was in the grasp of his Messianic Cult. She escaped from Ehrmantrout and was helped out by the Jewish community in Los Angeles.

Anonymous said...

listing of all the aliases and other names of con man and fake internet rabbi Ariel Ehrmantrout can be found at - do not give him any money - Ariel Ehrmantrout fled from Oregon to California after a news report exposed him as a cult leader with a long history of cons and a criminal record - along with many many other names

Anonymous said...

go to for all the truth. This man has threatened to sue all the blog places and has succeeded in scaring them to take the blogs down. People can not let the flow of truth be stopped.

Anonymous said...

this Ariel Ehrmantrout guy is still trying to pass himself off as a Pastor but people are on to him, too many fake identities and names, Ari Crockett, Taron James and many others, it's sad reading about the poor treatment that the young Jewish girl received at the hand of Ariel Ehrmantrout and crew.

Kevin said...

I was part of the group of investors of Dallas internet venture. Fortunately we found out the truth about the venture and were able to cancel the $10,000 check before it was cashed. I will say this. He was extremely smooth and convincing. He had the 2nd story of a business complex rented with workmen all over the place. He showed us the server room with tons of fiber optic cable been installed to support his amazing new technology, fortunately we got a call from the COO that night because he had been fooled as well. He told us to cancel our check immediately. I have never met a person like him... extremely smooth.

Anonymous said...

Just laughing at Ariel Ehrmantrouts "Linked In" profile and the many lies and half truths that are on it but that's his M.O. - perhaps Ehrmantrout should make up a profile for each of his fake identities and then he would have someone to link to. Only Ehrmantrout would try to pass of diploma mill Capella University as something legitimate. Hilarious! Buyer Beware!

Anonymous said...

Now the "Internet Rabbi" (For $75 and short online quiz you can be one too) is trying to get an "Online" Law Degree? This guy just does not change. Still running the religious scam in Southern California - with a new set of church members/future victims in place.

Anonymous said...

Wow! I was amazed when I came across this blog. I live in Spokane, WA and was one of "Dallas Crockett's" many victims. I have many stories similar to the stories on this blog. In fact, I knew "Dallas's" federal probation officer. I also know his parents - very sweet people who "Dallas" took advantage of. They were left in a horrible financial crisis after "Dallas" skipped town. There was an uproar in Spokane County Superior Courts. (You can look it up on the Washington State court website.) His parents believed in him, but were left holding the bag so to speak. They were forced to file bankruptcy.

So sorry to hear that "Dallas" is stupid enough to continue his scams and has hurt many people. Thankfully he is dumb enough to get caught (over and over and over again). I just cannot wrap my brain around the fact that his new scams are taking place in churches. "Be sure your sins will find you out."

BTW: The wife that he was caught with in Canada and Sheridan, OR is now his ex-wife. Happily re-married in Montana. Sounds like this new woman (wife #4) is a real piece of work!

Anonymous said...

now Ariel Ehrmantrout - Ari Crockett - Dallas - whatever the guys's real name is - has once again changed careers - now he is claiming to be "the world's top amputee golfer" or something like that...amazing...and people are seem to be falling for it..

bet the folks at the Murrieta Chamber of Commerce would be quite surprised to learn the past of the con man.

Anonymous said...

This man is squatting in my house!!! He refuses to pay rent, and we are in the process of evicting him. After some research, we realized that there are many other reported cases of this man doing the same exact thing to innocent people. This man is a compulsive liar, a talented con, and an educated smooth talker. He's a master manipulator. Please beware-- don't be a victim!!!

Anonymous said...

I am worried that this man is in my home living with my brother who completely believes in him. I think he has my brother wrapped around his finger. Help, how do I get this man out of my rental? He has not paid rent for 3 months. my brother brought him in. Apparently he is so sick and dying. my brother is supposed to get IHSS checks. Has not seen a dime yet! Do I call the police?

Karaoke Bondsman said...

Ari Ehrmanhardt, passed away in his sleep Tuesday January 20,2015 He was a veteran living as a decorated U.S. Army Special Forces combat veteran. Many of the veterans here are confused after reading all the negative comments on this blog. If you have any service related details regarding this "Green Beret", please notify myself at
bondsman of the 805
Arthur Flores,

Rosco said...

He was a religious lay person that helped the chaplain when he was in the army, lost his leg in Lynchburg Va. and was discharged.
and than the fun began.

James Macon said...

I don't know why I'm reading any of this? I continue to be so absolutely blown away by what this person did? I was Chairman of a Veterans Council that represented Veterans at the non-profit organization where Air spent the last months of his life. I called for all the Veterans to line the sidewalk and salute as they removed his body......this man, this pro golfer, this decorated amputee war hero, this soft spoken caring man, who had only been married once, to Sarah, who was killed in a car accident, was much loved by the Veteran community! The evening of his death, I was in the process of writing his eulogy. I wanted to add some stuff about his golf career, so I googled his name.....................I was stunned to put it mildly. All that night I read account after account of his aliases and cons. The next morning I started telling those men that we had all been duped, that he had conned us about everything that was his life. There was crying, there was anger at me for what others thought was me telling lies, and trying to tarnish a dead man's legacy. But mostly there was disbelief, confusion, then anger.At the time of his death, Ari was running another scam. It was an imaginary custom built chopper shop, and as I believe now, this venture, which had numerous Veteran investors, had but one purpose? To get down payments for choppers that would never be built! There were 5 of us who were very close as Veteran brothers, and friends, who would get this off the ground? I was to be the sales department. Ari would keep telling me to get started selling, go out there and sell, go to shops, call people. I would respond, sell what? There's no product? Sell the idea! Then they can come in, custom design it with us, then the down payment will get it started! I never liked the idea, and never tried! He got enough money to rent a storefront shop that he looked at, told us it needed some maintenance work done, then we could move in with nothing but the idea, which apparently was Veterans conning Veterans? The rent was never paid, the tenant contract was fake, he got over $20 thousand from Veterans, got one to cosign for a truck, and another to cosign for a Harley, all for the purpose of funding his escape like a thief in the night, and do it again somewhere else? The day after his death, the ghost of Sarah, the one killed in a car accident, showed up to gather his belongings, last I heard, she was still living in Ontario Ca. As for Ari? Well, 5 days after his death, he was still in the Riverside County Morgue, no one had come forward to claim the body.....If there is an afterlife, and I don't believe there is, which drove him nuts. And if Ari somehow conned his way past the pearly gate's of heaven, I would rather be in hell!

James Macon said...

Art! You know it was true! I never heard Green Beret, only Sniper!?

Chizzy Peace said...

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Sarah Melendez said...

Yes, My Father did some aweful things in His Life, however He is deceased. And Just for Your information, My Brother did go and "claim" my Father. And i would have if i were financially able to at the time. The fact that You found it appropriate to speak about someone after Their deceased is repulsing.